ONEAC Overview

ONEAC Corporation, which was founded in 1979, designs and manufactures products that provide the highest level of protection against power and data line disturbances, regardless of conditions. ONEAC's comprehensive product lines include power conditioners, power conditioned uninterruptible power supplies, and voice and data line protection devices. With ISO 9001-certified plants in the US and UK, ONEAC is dedicated to demand-flow manufacturing and the highest quality standards.
Organizations whose productivity goals allow no possibility for system downtime use ONEAC. They include many of the world's leading companies, in a wide range of applications including telecommunication systems, information technology, retail POS systems, computer-integrated manufacturing systems, semiconductor test equipment, and biomedical instrumentation and medical information systems.

 ONEAC Product Description

Your computer systems are under constant attack. Power lines conduct more than the electricity that run your systems. They also carry electrical disturbances that can disrupt, degrade, and destroy your systems. This leads to soft failures (lock-ups, error messages, system restarts) and hard failures (board replacements, component failures) which can ultimately shut down your system and wreak havoc on your business operations. The occasional lightning strike is an obvious example, but everyday high-frequency interference, while less dramatic, can be equally devastating. Caused by utility grid switching as well as elevators, HVAC units, copiers, and other equipment loads on building power lines, these constant power line disturbances can cause system lock-ups and component failure which leads to downtime and lost productivity.
ONEAC's Power Conditioners and Power Conditioned UPSs assure that that your systems perform reliably and trouble-free. Delivering premium-grade conditioned power, ONEAC's transformer-based products eliminate AC line disturbances that can disrupt, degrade, or damage your microprocessor-based systems. It's a level of protection that others can't match. Those who switch from conventional power protection to ONEAC report less downtime, fewer interruptions, and longer equipment life, which ensures peak performance and TOTAL system reliability!


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