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By Betsy Gott,      Rx Monitoring Services, Inc.

Utility Power Factor Correction Impulses



The Symptom:                     Repeated failures of Laser Diodes used in Computer-To-Plate (CTP) graphic arts systems.


Possible Cause:                   Utility Power Factor Correction (PFC) low-frequency impulses. 


PFC impulses created by the utility power company cause, multiple zero-crossings which means the Laser Diode can turn on at the wrong time, and get low voltage but high current, causing it to overheat and blow. Or the diode can get overvoltage from the PFC (at the top of the sinewave) causing degradation and failure due to this surge.  If your CTP system has ongoing laser diode problems, it's most likely due to utility power factor correction, and can be corrected with an ONEAC Sinergy On-Line, Double-Conversion UPS.


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By Rx Monitoring Services, Inc.




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