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The security of ONEAC/POWERVAR power protection solutions is the foundation for medical electronic equipment. POWERVAR Medical
Power Conditioners
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Gryphon offers a full range of ONEAC/POWERVAR products for critical power infrastructure for today's medical facilities. Hospital Solutions Download/Print PDF  
Gryphon and Fujifilm case study on how medical imaging came to depend on ONEAC Power Conditioned UPS's. Case Study: Fujifilm Medical Systems Download/Print PDF  
Medical/Healthcare Market:  Hot Topics Related to the Healthcare Industry Facts Guide Download/Print PDF  
White Paper describes the technical relationship between power and medical system reliability and discusses the financial benefits of effective power conditioning. The Case for Prescription Power Download/Print PDF  
Five reasons why medical systems need ONEAC brand power protection solutions. Five Reasons Download/Print PDF  
In Medical/Healthcare applications, the need to protect critical electronic equipment and crucial data is second only to protecting patients. POWERVAR medical-grade power conditioners provide clean power to the equipment in these demanding applications. POWERVAR Medical
Power Conditioners
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For some, conventional UPSs are "good enough." But many medical facilities find ordinary protection measures inadequate. POWERVAR Security One Medical UPM's are designed for medical systems used in the vicinity of a patient (or anywhere that low leakage current is required) and are the perfect solution for providing fully conditioned, uninterruptible
power. North American models are listed to UL60601-1 and cUL22.2 No. 60601-1.  International models are listed to IEC60601-1 and are CE marked. All models reduce connected equipment leakage current to less than 300 μamps.
POWERVAR Security One
Medical Uninterruptible Power Manager (UPM)
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If you think a UPS is the ultimate in power protection, we’ve got some news for you: Our Security One Medical UPM, or Uninterruptible Power Manager, performs functions your old UPS never dreamed of. And now, it’s available in a convenient 3U rack mount form factor that meets the requirements of UL60601 and IEC60601. POWERVAR Security One
Medical Rackmount
Uninterruptible Power Manager (UPM)
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The ONEAC ONePlus Series UPS is the industry's most cost-effective complete solution for applications 1kVA and under. These desktop/floor/cart units incorporate ONEAC's isolation transformer-based power conditioning and Virtual Kelvin Ground. ONEAC ONePlus Series UPS50 – 1000 VA) Download/Print PDF  
ONEAC's ON Series UPS's are floor-standing units from 400VA to 1850VA. As with all ONEAC ON Series, include low impedance isolation transformer and re-establish a perfect ground reference for Premium Grade Power Conditioning. ONEAC ON Series UPS                        (400 – 1850 VA) Download/Print PDF  
The ONEAC Sinergy S II Series is an on-line, double conversion UPS that handles irregularities in the electrical system. These rack/tower models are offered in a 120V model (700 VA, 1, 1.5, 2, & 3 kVA), as well as 200-240V models (2 & 3 kVA) at 50/60 Hz. Hot swappable internal batteries, automatic bypass, controllable receptacles, EMO, site wiring fault indicator and includes ONEAC's MopUPS Express software. ONEAC Sinergy S II UPS                      (700 - 3000 VA) Download/Print PDF  
LUNAR Corporation:  A story from the front lines of power protection Real Life Story: A Tale of Two Systems Download/Print PDF  
Medical facilities often have unique electrical specifications for such parameters as earth leakage current and input overcurrent protection for devices connected to their AC electrical distribution system. They may also need to comply with the international standard for electrically safe medical equipment: IEC60601-1. This tech tip reviews these applications/compliance and also discusses how ONEAC’s medically-approved products may be used to satisfy them. Tech Tip: Medical & Dental Facility Requirements Download/Print PDF  
Digital Hospital Diagrams Digital Hospital Power Point Download/Print PDF  

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